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Funny home gadgets and gifts to spice up your life

designboom2012NewYorkWe at Labyrinth Design Studio are committed to give all our love and energy in order to create useful day-to-day home gadgets, gifts and design products with a dash of spice, usual items able to put a smile on your face and make your house or office space a nicer place.

Our essential philosophy has always been focused on designing for fun, and the way to achieve it is to search for our inner child and to invite him to play with different concepts, creative ideas, materials and production processes in order to create the unique and personalized products you love, as well as the original gifts you would like to receive.

One of our few unavoidable rules is to respect the environment . We strive to design fresh, reliable products using only environmental friendly materials. It is no way to spice up your life by damaging your environment.


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